Hotel Sales & Commercial Advisory for Sunset Beach Club

sunset beach club

Project Type

Sales & Commercial Advisory 



Case Study Title

Sunset Beach Club Spain Sales & Commercial Review 

The Client 

FBD Property & Leisure Ltd. owns and operates Sunset Beach Club SA in Benalmadena, Costa Del Sol, Spain.   


The Resort consists of 590 units with a mixed-use inventory of Timeshare and Hotel Bedrooms set in a unique location on the beach. Sunset Beach Club has a number of restaurants and bars both on and offsite. A well-stocked supermarket caters for families.   

Business has been very successful addressing market changes and resisting forces  to join the masses bowing to tour operator pressure. However, the Client wanted to improve revenue and profitability whilst putting in place a value-adding asset management strategy for the resort’s mix of real estate units. 

Client Need 

Our Client required a comprehensive review of the business covering the following aspects: 

  • Business Review/Due Diligence- The Client required analysis of information gathered during a due diligence process comprising desk research and an intensive field visit. 
  • Business Improvement Action Plan and Road Map to optimise the current business trading potential and enable future growth. The plan should address timeshare and hotel room asset management and include: 
  • Review of sales & marketing initiatives, opportunities and resources. 
  • Review of organisational structure & human resources development 

Scope of Work 

Our team completed a business review covering the following aspects: 

  • Review of financial information and current operating results by department 
  • Review of Sales and Marketing strategy, Timeshare sales and Food & Beverage concepts 
  • Analysis of revenue and market performance  
  • Review of the property’s business plan and current operating results by department 
  • Review of the organisational structure, performance reports and staffing levels 
  • Property visit and meetings with department heads 
  • Interview with the General Manager to understand current and planned performance enhancement initiatives  
  • Interview of sales and marketing team; analysis of room revenue generation, sales channels, analyse online presence & website 
  • Review recent marketing results and future plans  
  • Interview timeshare marketing team and evaluate all options to enhance asset value 
  • Analyse IT infrastructure, paying close attention to revenue management and point-of-sale systems 
  • High-level review of food & beverage operation. Evaluate options to maximise spend from in-house guests and improve profit 
  • Gathering information on competitors’ performance relative to Sunset Beach Club 

Following the due diligence and onsite visit, we prepared a Business Improvement Action Plan and Road Map for Growth. 

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the Client?  

Our report helped our client identify the tasks that should priority in the short term, the actions to be implemented in the medium term and those that should be considered as part of a long term vision for Sunset Beach Club. Our sales and marketing action plan took into account current strategy, sales channel management, account acquisition, website and online distribution & potential new markets. We also made recommendations on potential revenue streams and profit enhancement measures.