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The world of hospitality is large and can be complicated to navigate, so we curated a fantastic selection of hospitality vendors and solution providers who offer useful and interesting services that can benefit our community. Some you may be aware of, while some offer solutions you may not even know existed. So, get exploring.

Appleby Associates meeting
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If you feel at a career crossroads, you feel your career isn’t going in the right direction, or simply want to discuss professional career planning, talk to us, and get the support you need.

Since 2003 we have helped over 3000 people gain the knowledge and skills to land their ideal job and progress their career.

It starts with a meeting where we find out about you, what you’re looking for and how we can help. By the end of that meeting, you will know how we can help you:

  1. Clarify your career goals
  2. Land your next role
  3. Stop your career from stagnating

Find out how we could help you achieve your career goals. Contact us today and book your personal 1:1 career consultation:

Air Balloons

Travel & Event designers since 2005, with one vision in mind, to provide an outstanding level of service.

Today, we provide unparalleled expertise for our clients to meet their travel & Event’s needs. To achieve this success, we have forged strong relationships with the best suppliers in the field who meet the exacting standards set by us.

Our team is made up of specialists in their respective areas and we use those talents to deliver the best possible service to every client.

Considerate Con-Serve

Powerful data in your hands

Con-Serve™ is Considerate Group’s ISO 50001 accredited data-monitoring platform, allowing you to simply, but comprehensively, measure resource consumption and broader ESG metrics including electricity, heat, water, waste, food miles, business travel, volunteer hours and more.

With its advanced visualisation and automated reporting Con-Serve™ quickly enables you to identify the inefficiencies that impact your business, both environmentally and commercially.

It’s a fully scalable turn-key solution that can be used in single or multi-site operations, globally.

Travel Curious
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Maximize TrevPAR with our Hotel Experience Platform. Join top-tier hotels worldwide, capturing revenue and enhancing guest satisfaction through their experiences. Curate diverse offerings, from exclusive amenities to local attractions, maximizing revenue potential.

Contact us now to unlock untapped revenue and create unforgettable guest experiences.

Transform your hotel’s performance today.

Mysteries in colour

Seeking a fresh and exciting way to promote team bonding and collaboration?

At The Art Brewery, we help connect people and open minds through creativity. Mysteries in Colour™ teambuilding and social workshops use a proprietary methodology leveraging Pareidolia (a psychological phenomenon) and Inkblots to reveal the diverse perspectives of a team.

Led by a team of international facilitators, these unique workshops are a fun way to improve communication, and collaboration, strengthen team bonds and promote workplace wellness. Contact us for a free demo of Mysteries in Color™.

hosdu on ipad

A learning provider Hosdu is a platform and an App offering training, onboarding, learning and development.

The platform includes an SOP feature and is driven by a strong HR data tool to track performance. We apply technologies such as AR and AI to yield the highest learning results for employees while saving costs for management.

Hosdu can accommodate brand standards and more than 40 languages, offering training content for all departments -through to leadership.
The Future of Hospitality Education & Training

Do you exhibit at Trade Shows?
Maximise your presence, business leads and get your ROI (return on investment) with our specialist Marketing Services for Trade Show Exhibitors.

Tradeshows are brilliant for business, but ONLY if you put in the time, expertise, and resources behind them. We help you build your brand, make connections, and generate quality leads. With 3 years and 25 shows across Europe under our belt, we can help you Glow in your next Trade Show.

Our team of Trade Show Marketing Experts can you help with:

DIGITAL: Lead generation campaign (invite), Lead generation campaign (follow up and look alike), Organic content (content calendar, copywriting, assets design, posting).

DESIGN: Stand design, Marketing materials (brochures, flyers, etc).

EMAIL: Email marketing campaigns, Invites, Updates/News, Follow up campaigns.

PR: Media outreach and pitching, Media training.

Did you know that 4 out of 5 hospitality professionals experience high levels of stress and mental illness?

The Burnt Chef Project is a global social enterprise committed to putting wellbeing first. It provides free resources, a Thrive app, mental health awareness training and much more.

Join today to support a happier, healthier hospitality industry.