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HSP is a network of like-minded individuals who share a background in Hospitality,
are experts in their fields and have a passion for what they do. This means that collaboration is at the core of how we operate. If you would like to become part of our network, check which option you are interested in and get in touch.

Become a Member

We would love for our HSP community to continue to grow and thrive. If you are an experienced hospitality industry professional and are looking to join a network of other likeminded hospitality specialists collaborating on assignments under the HSP brand umbrella, you may want to explore joining us.

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Five reasons to become an HSP Consultant


Get More Bigger Projects

HSP is a great lead generation channel, through which you get involved in bigger international assignments that you would not normally access as an individual consultant. Plus, you also get covered by HSP’s global PI insurance.


Part of a Team

As an HSP member, you get to work as part of a wider team of like-minded experts. There is a real sense of community and with the wealth of experience and backgrounds, you are always learning and exchanging ideas and expertise.


Gain More Credibility

Being a member of HSP offers the credibility of membership in a well-established international hospitality consulting group. You get an HSP email address, business cards and access to a fantastic network of peers and industry partners.


Raise Your Profile

As an HSP member, you get your profile page on the website, mentions on case studies, newsletters and the HSP social channels where relevant, and if you want to share your expertise widely, HSP’s channels can be a great place to publish and reach more audience.


Access Resources

With an HSP membership, you get access to a big library of helpful relevant resources such as industry reports, market intelligence, templates, and case studies. HSP’s library is full of hospitality-specific material and content, that you can tap into.

How to join HSP

Joining HSP is straightforward, yet we follow a rigorous screening process to ensure we get the right people on board and add value to both the consultant and the HSP network. We look for hospitality industry professionals with at least 10 years of experience at a senior level; Director, Vice President or C-suite. This can be at a hospitality brand, management company, owner/investor group or development business. We look for like-minded professionals who bring a depth of experience and breadth of perspective, integrity, creativity, curiosity and a collaborative approach. If you think this is you and you are interested to join us, please get in touch and let’s talk.