ESG Advisory (Environmental, Social and Governance)

At HSP, we are committed to supporting responsible businesses that strive to have a positive impact on customers, colleagues, and the community. ESG is no longer an afterthought but a core part of a sustainable business strategy. We work with you to understand your current ESG profile, highlight potential governance improvements and help you define your ESG vision.

We help you set clear targets and support you with a Roadmap for the future. Because we take the time to understand your organisation’s capabilities, legal requirements, and ambitions, we can create a practical implementation plan. Critical to success, we will ensure that ESG is firmly embedded in the organisation with policies and procedures, and programmes to inspire your employees and major stakeholders.

What we cover

  1. ESG Audit
  2. ESG vision aligned to Brand Purpose
  3. Agree Accountabilities and allocate responsibilities
  4. Target setting
  5. Governance and Board Advisory
  6. Hospitality Net Positive Leadership Programme
  1. ESG Strategy development
  2. Materiality Review
  3. Competitor Audit
  4. Stakeholder mapping
  5. ESG Roadmap
  6. Development Advisory
  1. Implementation plan
    a. Carbon reduction
    b. Water
    c. Waste
    d. Employee engagement
    e. Community impact
    f. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    g. Supply Chain
    h. Sustainable Operations
  2. Technical advisory
    a. Standards
    b. Design Guidelines
  3. Operations and Maintenance Guidelines
  4. Training
  5. Social Impact and Corporate Charity Partnerships
  6. Employee Volunteering
  1. Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Operating Guidelines
  3. Responsible Procurement Policies
  4. Audits
  1. ESG Reporting
  2. ESG narrative and communications framework – aligned to Brand Purpose
  3. Internal communications and events
  4. External communications
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