Hotel Brand Visioning for Samax Holdings


Project Type

Branding and Marketing 


Dominican Republic 



Case Study Title

Samax Holdings Brand Visioning

The Client 

Samax Holdings is the owner and developer of the Samana Bay Development Project in the Dominican Republic.  


The Samana Bay development is envisioned as an eco-friendly integrated resort encompassing some 1,200 residential units, a 150 -key Samana Bay luxury hotel, a destination wellness retreat, an 18-hole golf course, a resort village, beach club & spa, sports training centre, and a mix of wellness-related and community facilities.  

Client Needs 

The Client required a branding strategy to bring their vision to life following on from the initial workshop that took place with the design team. The direction of travel was set, with the development being positioned as a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, where one can connect back to nature and humanity with a sense of community.  

Scope of Work 

Brand Strategy  

Dina Soliman visited the site, the evaluated local competition, met the main stakeholders, and conducted an in-person workshop with the Client’s team and partners. The HSP team (Dina and Jon Barker) reviewed and built on the work that hads been done by HSP’s John Healy and thus far by their design team along with multiple other documents presented by the Client. The team HSP then developed the  Brand Strategy articulating and defining the project’s unique story elements, and what makes itidentifying what makes the development stand out from other propositions in the market. The Brand Strategy was collated in a Presentation that included:  

  • Description of the vision and mission  
  • Brand naming  
  • Brand manifesto 
  • Position in the market – our place vs. competition  
  • Target audience and personas 
  • Attributes, values and beliefs  
  • Brand pillars / Storytelling elements  
  • Tone of voice and personality  
  • Visual identity foundational elements – logo, colour palette and typography  

What did HSP achieve for the Client?  

HSP helped the Client find the perfect name for the development; Alma de Samana’ meaning ‘translating into Soul of Samana. The team managed to bring the Client’s vision to life by articulating it in a Brand Strategy that had depth and imagination, which was then translated into a strong and beautiful visual identity that was totally unique and with a story to tellthat told a story 

The Client was thrilled by the outcome.  


“Hotel Solutions and its branding team brought our vision to life.  They get us and they are artful in their delivery.  We were blown away! Thanks and more thanks for your team’s amazing work!” 

 Diana Lynch, CEO, Alma De Samana, Samana Bay, Dominican Republic