Strategic Brand Visioning for Italian Luxury Retailer

Italian Luxury Retailer

Project Type

Branding & Marketing 



Case Study Title

Strategic Brand Visioning for an Italian Luxury Retailer   

The Client 

A high-end luxury brand retailer, based in Milan, Italy. 


The Client and their brand partners are developing luxury residences and hotels in key cities and destinations around the world.   

Client Need 

The Client approached HSP to provide an in-depth brand visioning workshop to clearly define the key characteristics for an initial branded hotel or residence concept that would underpin all future developments.   

Scope of Work 

Phase 1 – the “Discovery’ phase – HSP’s Jon Barker and David Atkinson visited the Client at their offices in Milan for two days to gain a full understanding of the Client’s culture, philosophy and business objectives, as well as to become familiar with their key brands.    This involved meeting with key stakeholders, visiting client’s existing projects and viewing immediate competition to firm initial positioning discussions. 

Phase 2 – a hands-on interactive workshop covering: 

  • Envisioning Success 
  • Challenging Assumptions 
  • Positioning our Client’s branded hotel and residences in the market 

The workshop took place in London over two days and provided the Client with the opportunity to identify and flesh out the DNA of the proposed new hotel and residences brand. 

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?  

HSP provided the Client with a written report for the creation and growth of a bespoke hotel and residences brand. 

This included : 

  • Visioning : outlining a strategic roadmap of how best to deliver the ambition 
  • Defining/confirming concept design directions : vision, mission and brand essence, a defined series of touchpoints to express the brand, idenitiying key requirements and key guest experience and service service concepts to underpin the client’s standards.  
  • Success : how to make the business sociable and sustainable, and key decision criteria and milestones for growth. 
  • New Innovation Platforms : providing clarity on sources of sustainable differentiation and identifiying distinctive business and technology concepts for driving growth 
  • Strategic Directions : identifying partnership and wider collaboration opportunities.