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At Hotel Solutions Partnership, we can advise you on the most dynamic management solutions for your hotel or resort, whether via short-term management contracts or interim assignments.

Pre-Opening Management

Providing a cost-effective one-stop shop for new hotel management, Hotel Solutions Partnership will begin by working with your team on the intensive research needed to determine the ideal positioning of any new market entrant. This will include the provision of relevant competitor statistics and city/region visitor figures and projections, enabling us to give you invaluable advice on the best strategic positioning for your new hotel.

The next step will be the development of dedicated launch programmes devised by our experts, looking at areas such as front of house operations, food and beverage outlets, leisure and spa amenities, payroll and IT, human resources, facilities management, procurement, sales and marketing and PR and social media.

This step-by-step approach will enable us to develop and oversee implementation of relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure a seamless launch, working with your on-site management and team members – ensuring systems are in place that will form the bedrock of future professional operations.

In addition, Hotel Solutions Partnership experts can head up a review of your existing systems and structures with a view to ensuring service excellence becomes the hallmark of your hotel operation – with options for leadership training, team-building and vision and values workshops as required.

Pre-Opening Management Case Studies

Interim / Turnaround Management

Project phases and deliverables:

  • Objective assessment of existing business activities, structure and strategies, designed to ensure approaches are effective and in keeping with current travel trends and guest requirements.
  • Delivery of a due-diligence report, with specific recommendations and an action plan.
  • With the client’s permission: implementation of new efficient approaches, strategies and organizational structure.

Interim / Turnaround Management Case Studies

Asset Management / Owner Representative

Seasonal Management

We recognise that resorts are often only open for a winter or summer season thus often making it difficult for owners to attract experienced staff to guarantee consistently high standards of service, a feature of asset management. At Hotel Solutions Partnership, we have the capacity to take over the management of seasonal properties from year to year. We will undertake the pre-booking process, hiring and training of staff, preparation of facilities, and even the design of promotional programmes.

Pre-opening & Turnkey Management

We can help you to plan and resource the opening of your hotel including developing and growing a pipeline of bookings, developing standard operating procedures and hiring and training both management and staff. We use a proprietary 600-step programme leading up to the launch of a hotel.

Asset Management / Owner Representative Case Studies