The hoteldoctor™ program for an International Boutique Hotel, Bermuda

Royal Palms Bermuda

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hoteldoctor™  and ongoing advisory 

The Client 

This independent boutique hotel in Hamilton Bermuda has been family owned for several decades.  The owners and GM new there were opportunities for the property but were seeking external expertise to guide them and provide a review of how the property was operating and what they could do to improve performance.   


Being an independent family operated hotel, the owners did not have access to any corporate resources or expertise and ‘did not know what they did not know’.  They were seeking to understand what new developments, tactics and strategy there were in the industry that they simply did not know about.   

The concept of a hoteldoctor™ program was a perfect fit for their needs as it brought current industry practices to the table and also allowed for a general independent review of operations and their commercial performance.  

Donald kicked off a hoteldoctor™ program by identifying the main areas of concern with the owners.  He completed in depth desk research based on documentation provided by the hotel.  He then visited the property for 3 days, getting to understand each department and area of the property.

Scope of Work 

Donald completed extensive desk research of the destination, the comp set and a review of documentation provided from the hotel.  

He completed a 3 day in person visit to the property, during which time he me with ownership, the GM, and many of the staff, taking time to learn the systems and processes at the hotel and shadowed some of the team.  He also visited the four key competitors on the island.   

What our Consultant achieved for the client 

During the visit, Donald compiled a wide-ranging list of recommendations in an easy-to-follow action plan format.  This was reviewed with ownership and the GM prior to departure.   

He further developed his findings into a comprehensive visit report covering recommendations for all areas of operation at the property along with commercial industry best practices including a digital marketing program and launching a new website.  

Subsequently, the hotel hired Donald in an ongoing advisory capacity.  At first to project manage the new website and digital marketing program and now he continues the relationship holding weekly operational and revenue management calls with the GM and providing strategic advice and sharing other new industry best practices on an ongoing basis.   


“Donald has been a fantastic resource for me and my property.  He has such an approachable nature that complements his depth of industry knowledge which makes him an incredibly good advisor for us.  He has the respect of the owners and the staff and always has our property’s best interest at hard.  The short initial engagement has grown into a long and trusting advisory relationship and we are fortunate to have Donald as our partner.” 

Property General Manager