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Hotel Solutions Partnership’s multi-disciplinary team can assist with due diligence, acquisition management, ongoing owner representation and asset management to ensure you are fully informed and can extract full value from your investment.  If you are looking at sourcing acquisition and investment opportunities, our sister company HSP Transact Ltd, provides a full suite of services to support your needs.


Due Diligence to Support Transactions

Many transactions that look great on paper don’t turn out so well. A rigorous, objective exercise in due diligence should help you see through the “window dressing” and enhance your understanding of the target’s business. This gives you the option of walking away at an early stage and saving money, or of negotiating and structuring a deal that will make the transaction more likely to achieve its objectives.

An acquirer’s first line of defence is quality due diligence in the early stages of a contract negotiation, alongside the process of working through representations and warranties. Indemnification, on the other hand, should always be the last line of defence.

Our multi-faceted team of sector specialists is uniquely positioned to act as a partner in your due diligence process. We offer a bespoke and value-adding approach that looks beyond the Investment Memorandum and generic assessment to uncover the unavailable and hidden information. This allows you to make an effective evaluation of the deal, to ensure that it resonates with your long-term goals and your strategic plan.

Whether buying or selling, our team can help you better understand the relevant issues, as well as help you to develop your vision for the asset. This will allow you to maximise the transaction’s value, drawing on the team’s many and varied industry experiences, especially our background in evaluating and developing turnaround plans for distressed hotels and resorts after assets are acquired.

Our advice covers key areas, such as the financial, legal, labour, tax, IT, property, operational and market situation of the hotel, resort or group.

Due Diligence to Support Transactions Case Studies

Acquisition Management

Owner Representation and Asset Management

HSP Transact


HSP Transact acts for a variety of investors from high net worth individuals and family offices, to large property funds. They source single assets such as operating city-centre hotels, serviced apartments, resorts and development sites, and can also source portfolios and operating platforms across the world.

At the outset, HSP Transact develops an in-depth understanding of your investment criteria, desired markets and ideal targets. They will then research and vet appropriate investment opportunities and inform you when an asset or portfolio meets your requirements. Once you have made the decision to purchase, HSP Transact can liaise on your behalf through the due diligence, financing, contract negotiations and closing, as well as post-closing adjustments.

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