Boutique hotel strategy workshop for DNA Hospitality in Greece

DNA Hospitality Group

Project Description

Strategy Workshop for the development of a new lifestyle brand and a resort development in Greece

Project Type

Strategic Advisory



The Client

A private investor looking at their first hotel development 


The Client was completing on the acquisition of a development site on one of the Greek Islands in the Cyclades.  They had a vision for a new lifestyle concept boutique hotel, and wanted to use this as a launching pad to develop their own lifestyle brand that could apply to range of lifestyle products.    

Client Need 

Hotel Solutions Partnership Ltd (“HSP”) were initially approached to evaluate the (chain versus independent) brand options for running the hotel, but it was established that the Client’s overarching need was to nurture and develop their own lifestyle brand. As the hotel would be both the embodiment and a platform for expressing the lifestyle brand, some strategic thinking was needed on how this particular development would fit into that process.  

The Client asked HSP to assist by conducting a structured strategy workshop to help define their brand and explore the options to roll it out. 

Scope of Work 

The HSP Team reviewed the Client’s existing web site and other background information to understand the ethos and main components that would be used to develop their brand as well as the details concerning the particular hotel development. 

HSP then conducted a half-day online Strategy Workshop to discuss: 

  • key elements for the brand being developed 
  • key components of the hotel development 
  • options for attracting investment in the venture   

For the brand elements, the HSP team reviewed and discussed the longer term goals, including defining what success would look like, and detailing a strategic roadmap to achieve these goals. 

For the hotel development, HSP’s team assessed market positioning, opportunities and constraints, development program, operating models, and financing options.   

In both cases the workshop aimed to explore ideas, set goals and agree a high-level strategy for meeting these goals.   

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?  

We established and documented a strategic plan for both the brand and the development, including timelines, deliverables and next steps.