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PHASE 1 – To facilitate effective management of a hospitality operation, Hotel Solutions Partnership can help formulate a dedicated portfolio of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), tailored to your specific needs and requirements:


  • Through the provision of existing data and client input, the Hotel Solutions Partnership team will analyse client ambitions in terms of brand vision and standards, competitive set, service and guidelines in order to provide framework documentation on which to proceed.
  • Initial research will determine the scope of SOPs required on individual projects, and a list will be drawn up in co-operation with the client.


  • SOPs can cover any areas of operation from Rooms Division, Food and Beverage and Spa/Leisure, through to back of house areas such as Engineering, Security and IT, as well as Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Purchasing.
  • Experts from Global Hotel Partnership will focus on these key areas, using their professional skills to develop relevant SOPs through direct liaison with the relevant departments, ensuring every team member is on board with the extent and practicalities of each SOP.
  • A pre-agreed template will be drawn up and used for each SOP.


  • The final Standard Operating Procedure documentation will set out brand standards expectations for the client, and how the team will deliver on those expectations in simple terms that can be easily communicated throughout the operation, from top management down to the front line operatives.
  • This documentation will be developed in conjunction with individual departments and then agreed by management in conjunction with Global Hotel Partnership in a final round-up series of meetings that will bring together all areas of operation.

Project Timeframe

From three months dependent on scope


From £45,000