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Hospitality Anew is a suite of workshops for leaders and staff members designed to help you create a safe environment and deliver exemplary service in pandemic times.

Our approach is flexible. You can select the full programme or any combination of workshops to suit your specific needs. Each workshop can be generic or bespoke, where we adapt the objectives and content to be fully relevant to your operation and team.

We will work closely with you to explore your needs through on-line discussion or a face-to-face meeting and then recommend a best approach based on our extensive experience.




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Keeping You Safe

A new sense of safety and cleanliness will be essential for guests as they begin returning to hotels / resorts; leaders will need to identify and develop new safety and cleanliness standards for the guest journey through all operational areas; staff will need to understand the importance of safety and cleanliness for guests and themselves.

Workshop Objectives & Benefits


Welcoming Back Your Team

Leaders will need to consider the staff journey from arrival to shift departure and plan the physical changes that need to be made for all staff areas; plans will need to be developed to welcome staff back, reboard them into the culture and teach them new safety, cleanliness, and service standards.

Workshop Objectives & Benefits


Delivering Exemplary Service

Leaders and staff alike, will need to consider the guest journey – everything from sanitised arrivals, contactless departures, technology driven service, in-room amenity changes and social distance dining; service standards will need to be developed for amazing guest experiences; staff will need to learn how to deliver exemplary service during these times, inspiring confidence and trust for guests.

Workshop Objectives & Benefits


Leading The Way

Both guests and staff will require a different level of emotional intelligence from leaders; leaders will need to manage change effectively for individuals and re-build team spirit through coaching, feedback, crucial conversations, empowerment and trust; leaders must demonstrate a genuine sense of care for their people.

Workshop Objectives & Benefits

Our workshops are highly interactive, with a range of activities including discussion, pair and group work, video clips and mini presentations. Facilitators draw on the experience of participants.


Participants are asked to commit to follow up activities to ensure planning and learning is transferred to the workplace. We always agree a follow-up process with you to ensure successful outcomes, which ultimately impact business success.

Should you need additional support, our team of Learning & Development experts can develop materials and processes for you. These might include:

  • New SOPs / service standards
  • Staff policies
  • Training sessions for internal use

Project Timeframe

1 to 6 days 


From $2500.00 per day

Our Team



I have had the distinct pleasure of cultivating a 20-year career in hospitality characterized by dedicated leadership roles and exceptional experience in learning & development. From large resorts to luxury hotels to high-profile theme parks and fine dining establishments, my background demonstrates wide-ranging proficiency across guest services, front office, resort operations, rooms division, F&B, learning and development, and human resources. Additionally, I have been privileged to take part in multiple resort and departmental openings and have launched global training initiatives instructing literally thousands on leadership, onboarding, and train-the- trainer programs.

With the Hospitality Anew program, I am determined to bring not only my background and experiences but also my passion and drive to make our industry thrive during and beyond the pandemic. We look forward to supporting your destination, through the four workshops, and into the future so that guests and staff feel services with safety at the forefront. Both Rosie and I are excited to assist and work with you.

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As an experienced consultant, I have worked across a wide range of businesses, including global brands and small independent hotels, for 17 years focusing on organisation development projects. Prior to this my experience has included hotel operations and then specialising in Learning & Development, which culminated in becoming Area Director Middle East and Africa for 80 mixed brand hotels within the InterContinental Hotels Group. In this role my team of more than 60 Training Managers worked together to develop many training programmes and processes to support all our hotels in delivering exceptional guest and colleague experiences.

I have a talent for leading strategic planning projects, so I’m excited to be part of the Hospitality Anew Program addressing leadership planning for welcoming back your hotel teams and assuring guests that their safety and comfort in these challenging times is an absolute priority. Both Jason and I look forward to working with you.

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My 40 years in the hospitality industry with giants Hyatt International, Shangri-La International, among others, has given me a unique opportunity to develop and conduct training programs with specific emphasis on multi-cultural diversity. These collective experiences are documented in a recent book I published entitled ‘Multi-cultural Diversity in the Workplace for Tourism Professionals’. The training programs cover operational, non-operational and attitudinal modules for all ranks. I have also placed hotel executives and staff in the Philippines, the USA, Australia, Guam, Saipan, Singapore, Thailand, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

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