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Investing in service really pays.

Often, businesses feel that service is a ‘nice to offer’ option, however, the most successful businesses know that there is a tangible return on investing in service and a quality guest experience.

The bad news is:

  • Guests are 4 time more likely to defect to a competitor if a problem is service-related
  • 89% of clients stop doing business with a company forever because of poor service

The good news is:

  • 50% of customers would pay more for a better customer experience
  • Loyal, satisfied guests are 4 times more likely to refer business to you
  • Loyal, satisfied guests are 5 times more likely to return
  • On average, satisfied guests will tell 9 people about their great experience service

Culture Coach – Creating a Culture of World Class Service Exellence : We have taken years of five-star luxury hotel service experience and translated it into a systematic approach that can be woven into the fabric of any service industry company in order to build a long-lasting and tangible culture of service excellence.

The program is broken down into 10 well planned phases that we systematically guide you and your team through to deliver enduring and impactful improvements to your service.



culture coach table


Phases 1-3 

Professionals from Hotel Solutions Partnership will carry out initial interviews with the business leader and take time to learn all about your company, your terms of reference, your systems, how you measure service, how you operate and more, in order to prepare for the leadership retreat.  This workshop sets the stage for the culture transformation ahead and unites your team behind your new service goals.

Developing the Programme

Phases 4-6 

In the leadership retreat we create an Action Plan that covers all the work to be completed in the following 6-8 weeks.  This includes a gap analysis of your SOPs, creating an all-colleague service training progamme, and building out a detailed training schedule.  Human Resource items from hiring practices to rewards and recognition are also covered, along with creating a solid communication plan for your team.

Launch and Review

Phases 7-10 

We kick off this next phase with a celebratory event for your entire team to officially launch your new Culture of Service Excellence.

Over the course of subsequent months we continually monitor performance and feedback, both from our customers and from our colleagues and seek opportunities to remove barriers to service by fixing common problems.

At the end of the project we will sit down together and compare the outcomes with the original project plan from the beginning of the year to ensure we stayed on track and that we are seeing measurable results and improvement.

Project Timeframe

One year.  Coaching typically takes place throughout a year long partnership.  We become part of your team working toward common goals and improvements.  A lot of the work is front loaded into the first 3-4 months but we are always there in the background when you need us.

3 months.  We can devise a shortened version of our Culture Coach programme that guides you through the Discovery (Phases 1-3) only and leaves you with a plan for implementation


From £10,000 for Discovery (Phases 1-3 only)