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Hotels and resorts looking to undertake expansions or renovations can rely on the strategic advice of Hotel Solutions Partnership consultants to ensure their developments are feasible, deliverable and capable of maximising investment value and returns over the long term.

Starting with the market and feasibility studies, we establish exactly what is most likely to be successful, we then work with design professionals to develop a hotel or resort concept that responds to market demand. Our desktop valuation service gives you an accurate idea of what a hotel or resort asset should be worth. We offer support from conception to implementation of the project, including help with selecting an operator or brand and negotiating the contracts, assembling the project team and supporting the capital raising process. We are able to add value at every phase of the development cycle.

A hotel development can be challenging so we help you analyse your strategy, appraise your options and develop a plan that aims to deliver smooth development process and a successful market launch. We can also examine the investment plans of your existing hotel brand, ensuring that you’re taking maximum advantage of the opportunities open to you.

Hotel Solutions Partnership always respect your passion and your vision for a new hotel or resort, but there’s a science to spending money in the right place. We make sure that our advice always balances your aspirations with a reasonable expectation of return.

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