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Dina Soliman

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Dina is a strategic and creative leader with a strong track-record in developing brands and new concepts in the hospitality sector across the UK, EMEA and North American regions.  She has extensive experience in the disciplines covering brand development, customer experience, NPD, communication and digital marketing.  Dina is a high integrity leader, bringing energy and fresh ideas to the table, while focussing on achieving solid commercial results for her clients.

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Dorothy Cusack

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Dorothy holds special expertise in brand development, repositioning and management and has a proven track record in the creation and execution of commercial, growth-driven marketing strategies. Coupled with that, has driven much success in structuring and mentoring client in-house marketing teams. Additionally, she has considerable experience in pre-investment market studies, conducted on behalf of hotel companies and private equity firms

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Jankarl Farrugia

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Specialising in sales & marketing and opening boutique hotels, Jankarl provides expert guidance throughout the pre-opening, launch and operational phases. He has worked within the luxury hotel and resort sector since 2000.

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Jason Wright (Ambassador)

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Jason is widely regarded as the built environment domain expert n the Middle East. He has over 30 years of operational experience working as a contractor, client, and expert consultant in operational management of multinational organizations, including at “C” suite level. Jason has a background in major projects, international construction, and real estate development with specific competence in project management, facilities management, modern construction techniques, and sustainable building approaches. He specializes in emerging markets, “mega projects,” hospitality construction, incredibly high-end fit-out, upscale office developments, and healthcare.

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Lisa Basford

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Lisa is a creative and innovative leader in corporate responsibility and brand management. She truly believes that by making social responsibility core to the brand and business strategy, we can deliver sustainable success. She develops ESG strategy for clients, creating market-leading programmes and partnerships to engage customers, colleagues, and the community. Lisa’s commitment to fairness, diversity and inclusion is at the core of her work.

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Olivier Harnisch (Ambassador)

Areas of Expertise:

Olivier Harnisch is an international Hotelier with over 35 years of experience.  Until 2021, he held the position of Head of Hospitality at the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia and was the founding CEO of the PIF Hotel Management Company in Riyadh. Previously, Olivier was CEO at Emaar Hospitality in Dubai. He started in the hospitality industry in 1986 in Nice, France. His career includes 4 years as COO of the Radisson Hotel Group and 14 years at Hilton where he was Managing Director for Northern and Central Europe.


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Vincent RP Garrington

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Vincent RP Garrington  has over 30 years’ experience in the Hospitality industry specialising as a senior executive in development, positioning, branding, strategy and business turn around. He now supports organisations to develop long term ESG strategies, allowing leaders to create truly sustainable business models for generations to come.


ESG encompasses the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ philosophy of placing as much importance on People & Planet as they do on Profit. Improving an organisations cultural reputation allows it to recruit & retain ethically conscious employees – increasingly important to millennials & Gen Z. By building relationships with its client base, supply chain and communities, organisations become collaborative contributors to a sustainable social environment. Sustainable business models are becoming ever more attractive to investors and financers.

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