Lifestyle Capital Partners

LCP is a management consultancy specialising in business development across luxury hospitality real estate, travel and well-being. Working closely with entrepreneurial ventures, family offices and highly successful individuals, LCP provides innovative strategies and best- in-class solutions. With a reputation of excellence, LCP offers insight, world-class access and professional management, applying energy and creativity to every project and standing by their clients no matter how challenging the business environment is.  

LCP advises on a range of services including: 

  • Business development, sales and marketing for hospitality real estate 
  • Outsourced management (white-labelled) services within hospitality, real estate and wellbeing 
  • Brand partnerships, ambassador programmes and billionaire mapping, an LCP- developed process. 
  • Luxury travel planning 
  • Event planning 
  • Luxury lifestyle access, social media and taste-making.