WEBINAR: Recruiting overseas talent: How to navigate immigration rules

26 September 2022, 14.00hrs GMT

Boutique Hotel News in association with Hotel Solutions Partnership
Hosted by BHN editor Eloise Hanson
The contest to attract and secure staff is prompting many hoteliers to revise recruitment strategies and employee benefits. Whilst focus is predominantly aimed towards the domestic labour pool, this webinar will explore the routes and options available for hiring internationally.

You will learn:
• The rules and regulations of business immigration – how strict are these and what needs to      change?
• An overview of the different visa options for migrant workers
• The employer journey for recruiting overseas talent – what you need to know
• Why hospitality businesses need to pay greater attention to The Modern Slavery Act
• How the employer-employee relationship is changing, and how this can help shape the perception of working in the industry

Contributors joining the discussion will be:
John Errington, Managing Director, Errington Immigration Services
Clare Anna, Chief Commercial Officer, London Rock Partners
Vic Alcuaz, Vice President, Hotel Solutions Partnership

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