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A Visioning Workshop

How do you bring together what you as a hotel company think you know with what you ought to know, before investing in the development of that new and innovative hotel concept that will take the industry and your future customers by storm?

Developing a concept for a new hotel or resort requires knowing exactly what you wish to achieve. But often fundamentals are missed, such as those aspects of the external environment and the emerging trends that will impact on your ambitions.

At Hotel Solutions Partnership, we are the only consultancy today to deliver and facilitate ground-breaking ‘Visioning Workshops’ tailored to the needs of hotels and resorts. These thought-provoking/action-orientated workshops have been designed to help you and your team make informed decisions by first unlocking the key knowledge ingredients for long-term success. Our consultants will help you to define your future ambitions and key action options as well as outline a strategic roadmap of how best to deliver that vision. You will achieve clarity on the sources that differentiate you from the rest, identify new potential areas of opportunity and be able to define your design directions. In the end, it is about visioning what you can do to create that truly memorable and therefore profitable, guest experience.

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