Technical Standards and Design Guidelines – a publication by Ranjit Gunewardane




Hotel Solutions Partnership’s Ranjit Gunewardane has recently published “Technical Standards and Design Guidelines”, now available to purchase online.

It is clear to see a shift in behaviour in our industry with co-living workspace now a growing sector among millennials. Ranjit, who is based in Boston, brings a broad range of multi-disciplinary skills to play in advising clients on all aspects of Architecture, Interior Design, MEP, Technology Systems and Landscape Architecture for Mixed-Use Buildings. Ranjit has a very good understanding of the key distinctions amongst the different types of buildings which are crucial to planning and designing a successful project. He has extensive experience in providing specialised operational information, design and new concepts.

This Technical Standards and Design Guidelines (TSDGs) publication contains information intended as minimum standards for constructing and equipping new Mixed Use Building projects. Proper planning and selection of building materials, mechanical and electrical systems, as well as efficient utilization of space and climatic characteristics that will significantly reduce overall energy consumption are fully described.