A new Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Singapore-based Red Point Urbanisation Development Ltd.

Hotel Solutions Partnership are delighted to announce they have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Singapore-based Red Point Urbanisation Development Ltd.

Red Point Urbanization Development Co. Ltd. are specialist consultants in urban development, with offices in Singapore and China. Providing a range of services to their clients, that includes market positioning strategy, planning and design, project management and operational services, Red Point’s expert team have more than 30 years of international business experience covering Singapore and China.

This joint venture puts the Hotel Solutions Partnership at the forefront of China’s current rapid urbanization movement, with HSP providing consultation, management and operational services and advice for hotel, resort and leisure developments.

With the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy, and the urbanization movement in full swing, the market has a need for high-quality hotel services and a demand for profitable operations.

Hotel Solutions Partnership will provide professional advice and consulting services including market research, technical services, financial forecasting, brand positioning, sales and marketing planning, operational advice, human resources development and other professional solutions for regional hotel groups and enterprises in China.

The concept of the “small town” in China is very popular, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction and Ministry of Finance, in a joint statement, confirmed that by 2020 China will cultivate about 1,000 such developments which will include key tourism feature and hotels.
“The signing of the cooperation agreement is primarily aimed at the Asia-Pacific region, with specific focus on the Chinese markets, the Red Point team in Singapore and China’s regional team have worked for many years, with industry-leading urbanization of the city,” said Mr. Shen Rongda, CEO of Red Point Urbanization Development Co., Ltd. Development.

Katrina Craig, CEO, Hotel Solutions Partnership, shared Mr Rongda’s optimisim and confirmed that HSP had a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region, headed by David Williams, (Chief Operating Officer APAC.) based in Hong Kong.

With Hotel Solutions Partnership’s wealth of expertise and experience in the industry providing Red Point with both tactical and strategic advice in the field of mergers and acquisitions, investment and other areas of technical resources, this alliance will provide the platform for Chinese companies to invest and cooperate with international hotels and tourism and vacation industries, as well as promoting the Chinese urbanization programme going forward.

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