Stakeholder Services, by Alex Mavridis

In these difficult times hotel performance has been under more pressure than ever before, as hotels struggle to comply with lender covenants, commitments to landlords, meeting brand standards, and  investor expectations.


Hotel Solutions Partnership offers a proven and efficient review process to assess all facets of the hotel and make informed decisions on options for the property going forward.  Download our Stakeholder Services Brochure here

If you are an owner looking to address how your hotel is positioned for the way forward or require a third party to assist in or lead negotiations with other stakeholders, our team can provide that independent assessment to help you determine your best options.

Our service is also an essential tool for banks assessing loan portfolios, landlords evaluating tenants and managers wanting an independent view.

I would be delighted to discuss your requirements in person and tailor our services to your bespoke needs.

Alex Mavridis

Alex Mavridis