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If your company is seeking to enter the hospitality sector, Hotel Solutions Partnership can work with your team to develop a commercially viable concept, tailored to your specific goals and aspirations for either a single operation or a chain of hotels.

PHASE 1 – Setting out the Vision


  • Professionals from Hotel Solutions Partnership will carry out initial investigative research with a client to ascertain both their objectives and their capabilities including meetings with key stakeholders, review of current operations and business philosophy.
  • Following these discussions, potential competitors will be identified and visited to test the extent of demand and viability of potential concepts.


  • The commercial implications of the concept options will be explored with the client through a series of workshops that can address issues such as emerging trends and how they dovetail with client ambitions; opportunities for innovation; positioning in the market; guest experience; business model and site potential.
  • Additionally, research on market conditions will be presented by Hotel Solutions Partnership to provide a benchmark for the client on expected occupancies, average rates, RevPAR, total revenues and payroll.


  • The new concept for a hotel, resort or hospitality entity can be detailed in a Concept Presentation addressing physical design, area program, food and beverage outlets, leisure facilities, service style and appropriate operating structure.
  • If required, an initial capital expenditure budget and financial projections can be prepared to demonstrate the economic viability of the concept.

PHASE 2 – Implementing the Concept

  • Following Phase 1, the Hotel Solutions Partnership can work with a client on developing the new Concept and can provide both technical and operations experts to support the project to completion.
  • Additionally, Hotel Solutions Partnership can assist with training, developing a strategy for human resources, brand culture and other necessary training.

Project Timeframe

One month


Phase 1: from £25,000 dependent on final scope
Phase 2: price on application