Hotel Solutions Partnership are delighted to announce the launch of a refreshed and updated version of hoteldoctor™, our trademarked “snap shot” business review service.

Donald Bowman in our US team is the proud Champion of the new-look hoteldoctor™.

HOTELDOCTOR | This trademark fast-track assessment of your hospitality operation offered by Hotel Solutions Partnership, provides a cost-effective snapshot analysis in a concise written report and includes practical recommendations for improving profitability.


20:20 VISION by Donald Bowman

As we enter a new decade it is a great time to reflect on the past year(s) and look for the new opportunities to focus on in the coming period. 

In the world of hospitality we can become consumed by so much of the day to day running of our business that it is difficult  to reflect on where our business is at and to take stock.  We are inevitably too close to our own business – and cannot see the wood for the trees. 

It is always helpful to have a fresh perspective on a business and Hotel Solutions Partnership has developed a perfect answer.  Our hoteldoctor™ solution brings a fresh pair of eyes to your business and helps you see the wood and the trees. 

hoteldoctor™ is our patented approach.  Recently refreshed, it is easy to implement, provides an easy to follow roadmap and at a readily accessible pricepoint.   hoteldoctor™ will quickly ascertain an overview of your business and your current concerns by assembling a team of experts to come and be your fresh pair of eyes. 

Our handpicked consultants undertake comprehensive research before visiting your property so that we arrive informed and ready.  We quickly (typically three days) review the operations and work with your team to evaluate your operations and performance, focussing on any priority areas of concern you have. 

Within two weeks you will have a report that summarizes our findings that highlights not just new opportunities but also areas to celebrate and continue to invest in.  You will also receive an easy to implement and detailed action plan, laying out many findings and suggestions for improvement for you and your team to follow. 

So, as we begin a new year, consider taking a fresh look at your business with hoteldoctor™.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to have 2020 vision?