Hotel Management Services – Preparing to Deliver Growth

Hotel Management ServicesHotel Solutions Partnership (HSP) recently welcomed the challenge of assessing a client’s delivery of Hotel Management Services and recommending how their practices can be best adapted to meet the needs of their exciting expansion plans over the next five years.

The Challenge

The client, based in Europe but also operating in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, is a medium-sized but growing company that operates an unusual mix of leasing hotels and offering Hotel Management Services on contract. They plan to expand their business by 50% over the next five years and, although their current structure has worked adequately so far, they recognise the need to adapt to new challenges.

The board decided on an independent assessment of what changes will be needed, both in the short term and over the five-year expansion period, to optimise both management of leased hotels and delivery of Hotel Management Services. They didn’t want to go to a big-name consultancy or accounting firm, but the Business Unit leader of another global hotel company recommended the Chairman to try HSP.

Our Approach to Hotel Management Services

Hotel Solutions Partnership - Ian Graham
Ian Graham

Partner Ian Graham was appointed principal consultant, along with a team of four Associates, and the first task was to interview all available executives and senior managers.

Ian’s questions established each person’s role, methods and reporting structure, as well as what aspects of their role they saw as problematic, and why. He also examined the various systems and practices the client uses, comparing these with what would be required over the next five years

The Report

The team identified many areas where the client has traditionally performed strongly, together with a number where the current systems no longer functioned effectively. There were also areas which, though adequate for now, would need to change in order to meet the needs of the client’s projected growth in both Hotel Management Services and leased hotels.

The Outcome

Most of the recommendations were accepted for immediate implementation by a delighted CEO, who commented, “It was very useful to have someone hold up a mirror so that we could see what was great and what was in need of change.”

The client is now investigating ways in which the changes can let them capitalise on market opportunities, and we wish them success with their plans.

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