Hospitality Minds Europe : Logging On & Checking In, London, 13-14 June

Katrina attended the Hospitality Minds Europe 2018 – Logging On & Checking In: Future of the Hospitality Business on 13-14 June at the Bloomsbury Hotel in London.



This innovative and fresh new event brought over  200 hospitality decision-makers from respected European and international hotel brands, exciting and disruptive start-ups, tech companies, bloggers, investors, award-winning architects, designers and hospitality partners such as airlines and OTA companies.

The conference programme was structured around live debates on stage – the kind of  passionate conversations that have previously only taken place in private. Moderated by informed and respected members of the industry, debates were lively and relevant, with genuine ideas and original thinking from the diverse and talented speakers.

Katrina participated in a range of topic discussions across the two days, and was particularly struck by the “distribution dilemma” and innovative and technical ways for hotels to maximise profits via ancillary revenue streams.

It was clear that Artificial Intelligence is an exciting area for our industry, with robots set to replace a multitude of back office functions – from laundry, cleaning to food preparation.

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, it is pleasing to see fresh new events and debate forums such as the Hospitality Minds Europe, and encouraging to hear the news and views shared by speakers and delegates alike – with much to be optimistic about!