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Vincent RP Garrington

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Vincent RP Garrington has over 30 years’ experience in the Hospitality industry specialising as a senior executive in development, positioning, branding, strategy and business turn around. He now supports organisations to develop long term ESG strategies, allowing leaders to create truly sustainable business models for generations to come.


ESG encompasses the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ philosophy of placing as much importance on People & Planet as they do on Profit. Improving an organisations cultural reputation allows it to recruit & retain ethically conscious employees – increasingly important to millennials & Gen Z. By building relationships with its client base, supply chain and communities, organisations become collaborative contributors to a sustainable social environment. Sustainable business models are becoming ever more attractive to investors and financers.


As Vice Chair of Birmingham Southside Business District Vincent had portfolio responsibility for homelessness, begging, vandalism  and antisocial behaviour, he remains committed to supporting social mobility across all sections of society. An NLP Master Practitioner and experienced coach he has given numerous key note talks on ‘Believing & Receiving’. A passionate advocate of ‘The Service Profit Chain’, it underpins his energetic leadership style and core values.


Vincent’s unique blend of experience in hospitality operations, business transformation and social mobility makes him increasingly our industry’s go-to for ESG strategy development & implementation.