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Client Testimonials

Hotel Solutions Partnership has referrals from hotel owners, operators, developers and investors, or those wishing to become involved in the hotel and hospitality industry. See what some of them say about working with the Hotel Solutions Partnership:

“We believe that we got what we needed from Hotel Solutions Partnership to start focusing on our foundation and turning our existing hotel into a successful operation. Thank you for your service.”
Director, Nikki Beach Worldwide

“Thank you for your help with the setting of the seniors team´s objectives for 2015. I personally found the process very beneficial and certainly it´s helped reduce my work load and has given an objectivity to the goals that I believe will benefit the organisation and the entire team this year and beyond.”
Patrick Murphy, Resort Director, La Cala

“Ich hoffe sehr, da wir unsere Zusammenarbeit fortsetzen werden, weil wir nach den Ergebnissen Ihrer Forschung gewisse Konsequenzen gezogen haben.”
Yury Chernyaev, Austria

“Thank you, it was very helpful and moved our thinking forward a lot.”
David Hoare, Director, Hall & Woodhouse Ltd, Dorset

“I want to thank you for the mentoring that you have given us. Our perception is that it has been a very productive time by giving us a ‘reality check’, assisting us in setting SMART aims and objectives and focusing us and energising us realise tactical change”
David Paton, Trustee and Master, Royal Foundation of Saint Katharine

“Thank you for the valuable insights and in-depth analysis which helped us get solid understanding of a new sector and its opportunities risks”
Regionally focused private equity firm

“Many thanks for the hard work put in by the team (of 11) from Hotel Solutions Partnership that has been working with us for the last six months. It has enabled us to reset the direction of travel for the growth of the company and has expanded our options.”
Junghwan Kim, EVP CEO Hotels, Shilla Hotels and Resorts

“No matter how good you may think your hotel is performing, the team members will find that extra something to give you an edge in the marketplace”
Guy Thompson, General Manager, Castleknock Hotel and Country Club, Dublin

“What a great start. You and your team are very thorough – thank you”
Vice president asset management Europe

“I will surely have more questions; your help will be, as ever, invaluable.”
COO quoted hotel company

“I did enjoy last week and think that the benefit of your experience, even in only a few days, is already helping me to challenge and question things that perhaps I would not have before.”
Hotel management executive

“Many personal thanks for your invaluable contribution in these last few months.”
Private entrepreneur

“We have enjoyed working with you and would be very happy to continue doing so.”
European leader of major private equity firm

“As ever, I’ll need you to help crystallise the do-able from the nice to have.”
COO brand management company

“All my dealings with you have proved conclusively that your integrity and even-handed honesty is absolute.”
CEO hotel management company

“I think the report you have prepared is excellent and I would be happy to discuss other projects we are looking at in the hotel sector where I’m sure you can help us.”
A hotel investor