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Standard Operating Procedures for luxury brand

The client

An aspiring luxury brand operator.

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?

At the end the client possessed a set of agreed and comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures appropriate to the Luxury repositioning of the brand. The SOPs will form the basis of the many training, induction and development plans that can then be designed and delivered henceforth and through which the level of service and product can be upgraded.


Hotel Solutions Partnership were meant to facilitate a workshop detailing the ‘How to’ of development and writing of SOPs and the client’s teams would then generate 700 SOPs. However the client felt that Hotel Solutions Partnership should provide more assistance and it was felt that the results would be better if a more hands-on approach was adopted.

Consultants: Doug Fiedler, Duncan MacArthur, Larry Bowman, Ian Graham, Mike Wrigley

Project objective

The goal was to, within a 13 week period, research, write and edit about 750 separate SOPs for all front and back of house processes, to describe the objective, procedure and provide all cross referencing.

Project scope

The consultants started by using an earlier operational review as reference and then combined it with their knowledge of international hotel management best practice. In order to assure that the writing and editing process would be robust Hotel Solutions sent 50 example edited SOPs to the client for review and then held a conference call with the client’s team which allowed them to make amendments to their writing and editing approach. There was a further conference call in week 8 to confirm with the client that the assignment was on track and a last one for final validation.

The scope of the editorial support was adjusted to recognise these changes in scope. The SOPs were edited for grammar and spelling and layout, and also audited for alignment to the desired culture and behaviour requirements. Hotel Solutions released between 50 and 100 edited SOPs each week until all 750 edited SOPs were released by week 13.