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SOPs – writing and implementation, Saudi Arabia

The client

A significant Saudi Arabian Hotel Company with an extensive portfolio of hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Location: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?

The client possessed a suite of SOPs and training materials and a team of appropriately trained Champions; accordingly the client enjoys greater clarity and efficiency of operation, increased customer and employee satisfaction and profitability.


Duncan MacArthur


The client wishes to embark on an expansion of its hotel portfolio in the Kingdom and recognises the requirement for clearly defined and bespoke standard operating procedures together with a training and development function to implement and support the initiative so as to become ISO 9000 compliant.

Client needs

The client sought to identify a company…

– With solid experience writing SOPs in the leisure and hospitality industry or similarly complex sector
– Who can demonstrate that the SOPs they have produced have added real value to the business (i.e. not sat on a shelf, but become the way processes are consistently implemented)
– Who can demonstrate how they have worked in a diverse and complex business environment
– With global experience
– With experience delivering brand consistency whilst allowing regional flexibility / the need to comply with local legislation
– With experience developing, testing and refining SOPs across different markets

Project scope

Started with the Assessment Phase, the client possessed an agreed list of SOPs, the template of the SOPs, the final scope of the Creation phase as well as the scope of the testing regime and the scope of the implementation phase.

At the end of the Writing / Creation Phase, the client possessed draft SOPs written with Brand Standards in mind, leveraging the existing documentation and written to an agreed template.

At the end of the Testing Phase, the client had confidence that the new SOPs will create a positive impact on guest satisfaction and/or profitability when followed and adhered to properly.

At the end of the Implementation Phase, we had supported the client in the implementation of the agreed SOP’s and Training Manuals over an agreed time frame.