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Market Study for a Resort Village, Poland


The Client

A private equity company considering financing the development of a resort village attraction near Warsaw, Poland.

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?

HSP provided the client with a comprehensive written report, comprising:

  • Background and key findings
  • Profiles of survey targets including all collected data
  • Average ADR, F&B and leisure spend
  • Average occupancy in 4 and 5 star hotels in Lower Silesia
  • Leisure packages
  • Average Cost Ratios

In 2013, the Hotel Solutions Partnership (‘HSP’) prepared a Market Study to evaluate potential demand for a resort village concept in Poland. HSP’s study considered the overall market size, demographics, disposable income, holiday spending patterns, target market segments and the likely participation rate from within a 200 km radius of the site.  Our study concluded that sufficient demand existed both within Poland and in the German border region to support the planned development.

Client Need

The client re-engaged HSP in 2019 for a refreshed report to further understand whether the revenue assumptions made for the resort village are realistic given what comparable resorts are achieving.

Scope of Work

A Hotel Solutions Parternship consultant conducted bespoke market research on six comparable resort hotels in the Lower Silesia region of Poland, and analysed guest spending patterns on accommodation, food & beverage and leisure (wellness and activities) per stay.


HSP collected the following  information from the subject properties:

  • Average daily room rates- Year to Date and historical ADR in the past 3 years
  • 2019 YTD occupancy rates (and the evolution of occupancy in recent years)
  • Number of people travelling together on average
  • Guest profile (e.g. families with children, couples, multi-generational families, retirees, etc.)
  • Average spend per person, per night broken down into spend on rooms, food & beverage, leisure activities and other ancillary services
  • Breakdown of guests by nationality.