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Improving the contribution from e-distribution strategies

The client

An Asian domestic hotel owner-operator that presently engages Leading Hotels of the World for GDS distribution and sales representation for its 450 room capital city hotel.

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?

The client’s management and team were provided with clear next steps, dependencies and aspects of risk mitigation. The client was able to make decisions as regards who to partner with, with what functionality and when.

Project objective

To provide third party advice that brought state of the art knowledge to the table and provided the business with options for greatly improved on-line performance by the business.

Project scope

An earlier evaluation had identified three areas of opportunity in distribution management:-
–  Increasing the contribution of marketing partners
–  Adding distribution tools
–  Enhancing the booking engine


In respect of the international marketing partners used by the client, the consultant worked with the client’s team to address the performance, identify the potential and reset expectations by both parties.

The consultant provided the client with an up-to-date landscape of distribution tools identifying a range of potential vendors and suggesting strengths and weaknesses of the vendors in the client’s context. Connectivity issues by market segment was explained to the client. Automated and manual options were established.

A shortlist of vendors was developed with the client and the decision criteria was agreed in consultation with the client. As regards the on-line presence assisted the client develop the criteria by which providers of a managed on-line presence could be evaluated.

Processes for on-line brand reputation management were established and the client’s strategy for mobile devices was validated.

The market for partners was presented to the client in the context of the client’s needs.