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Generate highest medium-term profits, Spain

The client

An Irish quoted company majority owner of a residential and recreational estate in Southern Spain.

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?

Quick wins researched and delivered in respect of major revenue streams (golf and the hotel).
Minor revenue streams (f & b and spa) also addressed.

Strategic options in respect of the four revenue sources and the cost base.

A range of target revenue outcomes and an action plan for the realisation of the revenue stream, with a view to generating high medium term profits.

Proposed changes to organisational design and key processes and technologies required to for above.

Alternative operating models to maximise long-term value of the four elements of the operating resort.


Consultants: Ian Graham, Larry Bowman, Doug Fiedler, Peter Fitzgerald, Petra Deuter, Aurelie Denoueix

Project objective

The current leisure business model needed to be challenged both (a) tactically – to improve short-term earnings performance and (b) strategically. At the time, there was neither an intention to dispose of the business nor to make major capital investment.


We assembled a team that provided a sales and marketing and operational review that identified strategic options. For certain aspects we partnered with Braemar Golf and AseaSpa.

We began by analysing documents supplied to us by the client, seeking clarification when necessary. A consultant looked for benchmarking information and provided a competitor analysis.

The golf and hotel team travelled to the resort and over a two-day period conducted analysis on site including in-depth interviews with key management. This was followed with a visit by the spa and F&B team. The teams evaluated product offerings and how they were communicated. In addition, they analysed the sales, marketing and distribution processes. The members also considered the organisational and process implications of their recommendations.

Our work was aimed at recommending changes to create an optimal solution for the business. We considered the implication of structural change and provided the client with an estimate of the implications to the flow-through of profit, demonstrating a range of target profits.

After this the team produced a written report summarising their recommendations. As a result of this a series of options, proposals and next steps were agreed.