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Feasibility Study for an English Vineyard Hotel


The Client

An award-winning English sparkling wine estate in West Sussex, UK.

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?

We advised that there is a viable market for a small luxury hotel offering a quality ‘vineyard experience’ in the UK. We proposed the appropriate market positioning and operating model for the hotel and described the mix of rooms, food & beverage outlets, leisure and wellness facilities that could attract the right clientele to the property.

HSP’s report estimated the likely capital expenditure required to develop the proposed hotel and computed the range of potential return on investment.



The client owns several sites, including a large country house, a former golf clubhouse and a farm within the Estate.

Client Need

The client approached Hotel Solutions Partnership Ltd. (HSP) for a feasibility study to assess the viability of converting these buildings into guest lodging, banqueting facilities and/or hotel use.

Scope of Work

Phase 1- Visioning Workshop & Market Study

  • Conduct desktop research to assess supply and demand conditions and identify competitive hotels and hotels of interest to the envisioned development.
  • Site visit and half day workshop to explore ideas and agree a vision for the development
  • Conduct field research to understand demand generators in the local market and with competitor hotels
  • Deliver a report detailing market findings

Phase 2  Concept Study

  • Prepare an area programme, showing the optimum number, size and mix of guest rooms and other types of lodging.
  • Provide broad recommendations to achieve potentially successful concepts such and make clear recommendations on the appropriate operating options, eg branded operator, third party operator + own brand or self-operate + franchise/own brand.

Phase 3 Financial Appraisal

  • Establish price/quality positioning for the proposed hotel and project likely average daily rate and occupancy levels.
  • Prepare a 10-year forecast of income and operating costs based on competitive set occupancy and average rate performance and benchmark cost ratios for hotels of comparable scale and concept.