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Help my successful leadership team to be even more effective

The client

A quoted Irish company owning and operating hotels in Ireland and Spain.

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?

29 or the 30 goals drafted by HSP were accepted by the business and the individual as both valid and challenging for the budget year.

“I personally found the process very beneficial and certainly it´s helped reduce my work load and has given an objectivity to the goals that I believe will benefit the organisation and the entire team this year and beyond” – Resort Director email to Ian Graham.


Ian Graham


The client owns and operates a Golf / Hotel /Spa integrated resort in Costa del Sol. The Resort Director was appointed in 2012 as Resort Director; he took over from Interim Director Petra Deuter, then a Hotel Solutions Partnership Associate, who had been in post following the termination of the property’s Managing Director.

Project objective

After nearly three years of change and growth, to advise the Group CEO and Resort Director and his direct reports to enable each of them to focus on priorities and ensure appropriate support structures are in place; in other works to enable the Resort Director and his team and the business to achieve the goals and targets for the upcoming period.

Project scope

To enable the Resort Director and his team and the business to achieve the goals and targets for the upcoming period.


Ian Graham, who had led earlier HSP teams working at this Resort, was assigned and travelled to Spain. Previously he had asked each to prepare a SWOT analysis of their area of responsibility. In one on one interviews, Ian assured that each of the team members has a common view of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the business and its separate elements. He then worked with each executive on the identified opportunities and threats and with the executive developed draft SMART goals (five each) for the executives. These were reviewed with the Resort Director as well as the Group CEO. Shortly after this work, the CEO and Resort Director met to debate the drafts and then they met with each executive and the team as a whole.

Golf Hotel and Spa integrated resort in Costa del Sol