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Coaching the hotel’s management team, Ireland

The client

Castleknock Hotel and Golf Club, Ireland. 

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?

In 2009 and again in 2010, The Hotel Solutions Partnership Ltd reviewed the Casteknock business with a view to commenting on the achievability of a Euro 1.6 M EBITDA.

Several recommendations were made and implemented and the hotel is now achieving Euro 3 M in EBITDA. Now, in 2014, the client has again approached Hotel Solutions Partnership Ltd (HSP) to assist in finding ways to manage revenue more efficiently and focus the hotel’s management team on growing profits over the next 3 years.


Castleknock Hotel and Golf Club is a 4-star country hotel located about 2 kilometres from Castleknock Village between The Phoenix Park and Blanchardstown in Ireland. It was officially opened in April 2005.

Project objective

In 2009 the hotel was losing money and the bank wanted the owner, an Irish Insurance Company, to seek assistance from a specialist hotel consultancy. Hotel Solutions Partnership was recommended by DTZ, who had valued the hotel for the bank.

Project scope

  • Improved the quality of management accounts so that costs and profit margins can be managed pro-actively
  • Created a rate management strategy by identifying the correct target segments for the hotel and offering appropriate pricing
  • Focused the sales & marketing action plan on stealing market share from competitors. Established proper benchmarking relative.

Castleknock Hotel and Golf ClubCastleknock Hotel and Golf ClubCastleknock Hotel and Golf Club