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Business model appraisal to strengthen financial position

The client

The client is a public sector Adult Education centre, which also attracts MICE business as well as weddings and social events. They have extensive meeting and event space together with 40 bedrooms set in beautiful gardens and grounds.

What did Hotel Solutions Partnership achieve for the client?

HSP delivered a detailed Business Appraisal consisting of a financial review and benchmark analysis, Market study, Brand analysis, Operational and standards review.

The Strategic recommendations gave the business leaders the detailed information on how to resolve the financial situation through a series of actions that would change the sales mix and deliver the required levels of return.

Following our presentation of the report the actions that we proposed were taken and the business started to recover.

HSP continue to be retained by the client and have assisted them in various other assignments including a review of their Options Appraisal.


The client had invested considerable sums to develop the facilities following a change in direction to attract MICE business. The economic downturn in 2009/10 made it financially challenging as the MICE market fell away. The client needed a complete business review and strategic advice on its business model to underpin the future success of the business.

Project objective

  • Benchmarking performance – How is the business performing compared to similar venues?
  • Business strategy – To review the business strategy and present high level recommendations for change.
  • Marketing – To assess the overall brand of and its products in relation to its market segments.

Project scope

HSP gained a complete understanding of the business model and financial position after a full review of all financial statements and reports. An audit of the operation; including staffing levels, cost base and standards informed the Market study and positing statement.

A full business appraisal enabled us to clearly see the issues around business mix, pricing and volumes.

Business Model Appraisal to strengthen financial position