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View of the Market – Finance

Hotel Solutions Partnership (HSP) assists with; strategy development, assessing areas for improvement in performance, and developing future projections. HSP can add gravitas and credibility to clients’ submissions to financiers by identifying potential uplift in performance, developing a clear and logical plan to support this and ensuring the ESG agenda is appropriately dealt with. Ensuring the […]

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ESG and Green Finance – this is just the start of the journey

The need to respond to the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) agenda and the pressure being placed externally on hospitality by customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders to become more sustainable – is all set to escalate. To secure financing for a hotel development or property acquisition, principals are now required to make disclosures pertaining to […]

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Managing soaring energy bills

Ensure your control and monitoring systems are managed effectively. Buildings consume over 40% of the total energy consumption in the United States. A significant portion of the energy consumed in buildings is wasted because of the lack of controls or the inability to use existing building automation systems properly. Much of the waste occurs because […]

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