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Video – The ‘Social’ Element in ESG

  Donald Bowman, Vice President, Hotel Solutions Partnership suggests Hoteliers should build on their core strengths and focus initially on the ‘Social’ element when planning their ESG strategy. Follow the Link to Watch the Video  

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The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors

Today, heightened attention and scrutiny from U.S. and global regulators regarding complying with evolving environmental laws makes buying, selling and redeveloping property difficult to navigate.  Investors seeking to purchase or redevelop real estate in the U.S. for hotels or other mixed residential and commercial uses must also consider the emergence of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) […]

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Eco-Friendly Hotel Practices

Utility Management Professionals working in the built environment are playing a key role in laying the groundwork for new ways to approach energy and water use in buildings that allow buildings to exist in harmony with nature. Engineers in the hotel industry know how to solve climate change, and know it is not that complex […]

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