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Leadership Transition Management

A financial institution or investor may wish to make a change in the management of a hotel asset, changing the leadership of a hotel or a resort. Hotel Solutions Partnership has the expertise and the network to put a strategic plan in place quickly and achieve a seamless and successful change.

Our team provides the owners with guidance in areas such as transition planning and facilitation, brand re-positioning, marketing strategy, operations, finance, human resources and change management. An integral part of the planning is the preparation of a clear set of guidelines to identify and select a new management partner. We also undertake managing both the selection of an operator and the contracting process.

If necessary, an interim management team can be put in place to optimize the performance and control of your asset during the crucial period of transition. We then guide you through the planning and execution of identifying a more permanent management solution.

Our consultants will recommend the most appropriate course of action to maximize return on your investment.

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