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Short-term Management Contracts

Sometimes, in order to improve the chances of a successful sale, an investor or creditor may prefer not to encumber a hotel asset with a long-term management contract.

Hotel Solutions Partnership offers short-term management contracts, deploying highly experienced senior leadership. They will implement new strategic approaches and operational changes to ensure both short-term gains and long-term profitability.

We’ll manage hotels and resorts for their owners and investors on a limited timeframe (three months to three years) in order to coordinate all pre-opening activities and establish a new hotel business, to re-position a struggling hotel, or to prepare an asset for sale.

This is entirely independent of hotel brands, allowing us to leverage the highest value from the operation and fully maximise overall return on the capital used during the project term.

We apply our expertise at all levels within the global market, through our team of experts. Their competencies are highly developed in all the critical disciplines, including among others human resources, sales and marketing, revenue management, and finance.

Hotel Solutions Partnership will operate the hotel or resort under a management agreement, as owner’s agent, for a determined period, staying within the agreed brand strategy and operating plan/budget.

Hotel Solutions Partnership will operate the property at the level of service and quality agreed with the owner, and in a manner calculated to optimise financial results.

We’re skilled in all aspects of day-to-day operations. We focus on the details that ensure the hotel is professionally managed, and that satisfaction levels for guests and staff are delivered and maintained at the highest levels.

The scope of our management services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Preparation of budgets and regular reviews, to hold the team accountable to agreed standards of performance.
  • Monthly reviews – marketing and sales, finance, IT, and people.
  • Preparing and implementing a sales build-up programme.
  • Monitor and control operating costs and overheads, in order to maximise profit margins.
  • Supporting budget development and implementation for capital expenditure.
  • Create, review and implement procedures to improve efficiency and service delivery.
  • Continuous communication with the leadership team on ways to improve the operation and enhance profitability.
  • Review and refine operational standards (SOPs).
  • Legal, health and safety compliance.
  • Recruitment and appraisal of key team members.

We’ll also provide temporary senior management, ensuring continuous leadership, business development and operational stability.

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