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Placement of Management Team

Hotel Solutions Partnership can fill a temporary management team gap of anything between three and twelve months in a hotel or hotel company by providing either an individual manager or a full management team, depending on your needs. We have team members who are specialists in F&B, Rooms, Marketing & Sales, Finance, and Human Resources. We assign team members to you with the length of experience, seniority and expertise that you require.

We can use interim managers to close gaps in senior management capability, if skills do not exist in-house. There’s also the option of using interim managers as part of specific strategies, to assist in the delivery of major projects and programmes, to mentor and train the existing management team, and to help deliver business change. They can also be used as an alternative to either consultancy or executive search.

In all our engagements, our team members will implement a consulting system which will ensure that our programmes will be sustained beyond our physical presence. There are a number of programmes, but crucially they include the use of all forms of electronic and social media, for communication and also for training tools at all levels.

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