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Channel Management

Channel management, as an integral part of revenue generation, focuses on increasing your exposure to the key markets through portal distribution. Using robust yield management alongside an aggressive, dynamic rate strategy, it can help you improve both turnover and profitability by controlling where offers are being posted, what is being offered that can give your hotel an edge over the competition and when offers are available to build up revenues.

Channel management incorporates various strategies that complement and enhance your distribution approach, including:

  • technology
  • functionality
  • two-way integration into PMS or stand-alone
  • analysis
  • migration and switch selling
  • brand conversion
  • hooks to control and reduce cost of sale.

Channel Management is a key tool which aligns itself to your sales and marketing plan. It should be adopted by providers of accommodation of all sizes, either at pre-opening or if you’re realigning yourself in the digital world.

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