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Training Programs

Training people so they have the skills to deliver the consistent service quality guests expect is  almost certain to add value to your hotel. At Hotels Solutions Partnership, we set up the framework for you to be able to carry out training via a rigorous ‘Train the Trainer’ programme.

With appropriate management support, by the end of the programme, your people will be able to:

  • Recognise situations in the workplace where learning needs to take place.
  • Design and carry out training to meet those needs.
  • Identify the principles of standard setting and the use of the organisation’s SOP standards and system.
  • Evaluate how effective the training has been.

We recommend that you train at least one Staff Champion per department, although larger, more complex departments such as Food and Beverage and Housekeeping may require more.

On completion of the training workshops, Champions will be responsible for leading the process within their departments, facilitating training sessions, supporting operational staff to modify and adapt the SOPs, and ensuring that the procedures specified within are effectively implemented.

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