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Standard Operating Procedures

Since customers expect consistent standards during their experience of a hotel or resort, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are fundamental to running a successful, profitable business. Hotel Solutions Partnership help you to research, develop, communicate and embed SOPs that are ideal for your brand. We assign a multi-disciplinary team of consultants, who work closely with your management team to produce SOPs that perfectly reflect the unique attributes and specific category of your hotel.

Whilst Brand standards are anchored in the “why”, providing the key lever for the hotel to deliver the expected guest experience, SOPs describe both the “what” and the “how”.

Standard Operating Procedures are often perceived as a bureaucratic task, reflecting an outdated view of their role. There’s a general understanding now that it’s vitally important for standards to remain relevant and current, offering clarity of expectation and making use of enabling technology for ease of reference and guidance.

When creating the content for SOPs, we often use a pictorial and/or diagrammatic approach, using graphics and other visual media to illustrate the procedure to be followed. This makes for simpler content that relies less on language and dense text.

Since we operate in an increasingly multicultural environment, the use of visual aids can be of benefit. They help address potential gaps, such as varying levels of education, comprehension of English and other languages, and the ethnicity of the target regions or countries where the company recruits or operates.

This approach allows operators, franchisees, management companies and their respective employees to implement SOPs in more consistently. It also creates a standards-based organisation, in which Standard Operating Procedures emphasise the need and importance of standards, together with competent leadership that holds individuals accountable for performing to an agreed standard and creates an environment where team members can excel.

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