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Risk Management

As an expert in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Hotel Solutions Partnership can advise you on the implementation of best practices and technologies to ensure that risks are assessed, quantified and mitigated. We find solutions that substantially mitigate, reduce or simply avoid risks, whether strategic, operational, administrative or financial. In the long run, we support you in reaching sustainable management objectives in the most effective way, whether at unit, regional, executive or board level.

We take a unique, pragmatic approach to ERM, based on a tailor-made COSO Model, that’s designed to help you achieve your expected level of excellence in Business Process Model and related controls. Your hotel or hotel chain will be able to improve its process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the risks, thus minimizing their effect on your capital and earnings. Our expertise in this area allows us to include not just risks associated with accidental losses, but also financial, strategic, operational, commercial, legal and other risks.

The first step is to use mapping techniques in risk intelligence to reveal risks that threaten to prevent your hotel or hotel chain from achieving its targets. Next, we determine whether these risks are properly addressed by policies, standard operating procedures and internal control activities, making sure this includes all business cycles.

Depending on the result of this in-depth analysis, the tools in place for internal control and management’s appetite for risk, we can make sure your business is adequately tooled to mitigate, avoid or accept potential exposure to risk. Our approach is light and adaptive, giving it powerful dynamics and making it very cost effective.

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