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Operational Due-diligence / Process Improvements

Our consultants have all been senior operators in their own right ranging from internationally branded properties to  upscale boutique hotels, they have a detailed understanding of how a hotel should work best especially in the areas of operational due-diligence and the process improvements needed.

Hotel Solutions Partnership will work through every department in your hotel, meeting and interviewing the senior team and uncovering how your business ticks. How effective are your people and how robust are your procedures?

A thorough appraisal of your current systems and procedures will inform the next steps and a detailed action plan will be presented to help deliver best practice and efficiencies in your business.

Project phases

  • Review and audit operational performance
  • Detailed action plan on improvements
  • 360-degree balanced scorecard approach
  • Profit impact proposal


  • Audit report and action plan
  • Recommendations on performance improvement
  • Profit growth plan


The Team

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