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Operator Selection / Contract Negotiation

At Hotel Solutions Partnership, we use a tried and tested methodology to match owner-investors with the most appropriate hotel, club or spa brands and management companies. After Operator Selection, we request proposals, compare them and make recommendations about which should be pursued and what strategies work best for favourable outcomes, as well as which operators share the same ambitions, identifying the operating team or brand that can deliver the best return on your investment.

Drawing from our extensive list of contacts throughout the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, North America, and the Far East, our global database includes the full spectrum of hotel and hospitality companies from the large international chains through to the regional, boutique or bespoke independent operators.

Hotel Solutions Partnership can assist the hotel owner in negotiating commercial terms for technical services agreements, management contracts and/or franchise agreements.

Project Team Assembly – We help you select the architects, designers, speciality consultants, engineers and other professionals who can add the most value to your project. The ultimate decision is yours, and our job is to recommend individuals and companies who have the talent, resources and experience to bring your vision to life and ensure that any contract documentation is in order.


Once the team is engaged, we supervise the design process so that the collaboration results in a design package consistent with the business plan, operator requirements and local government planning guidelines.

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