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Design Reviews

Hotel Solutions Partnership provides guidance for the development of Hotel and Residential Complex plans through conception to implementation.

These include

  • Design Briefs that above all consider the delivery of an excellent guest experience. Such briefs cover rooms and facilities, technical requirements, circulation flows, required back-of-house service areas, kitchens, laundries, front desk, detailed property requirements affecting the design and budget for new construction, existing property improvement plans and conversion and renovation projects.
  • Post Contract Services: responses to site queries, attending site progress meetings, providing co-ordination between the team completing the project and the hotel operational staff, establishing a pre-opening count down schedule and provide certification.

Project Phases:  

  • Survey/Schematics
  • Development to Bid Documents
  • Construction/Contract Documents

We can deliver:

A Hotel Pre-opening Count Down Schedule clearly showing the sequence towards finish. This ensures that the contractor can allow for the phased take-over of areas, in the first place for installation of FF & E, and afterwards for training and pre-opening activity by the Operator, even before the completion of the Construction Schedule.

Technical Services

Hotel projects follow the same general sequence as other development projects, but with some important nuances. The property developers with an idea for a new hotel, or the desire to reposition one, must have hotel specialists such as the HSP Consultant Team to assist and to provide guidance and feedback during the following basic steps:

  • Evaluate the prospective site.
  • Complete a feasibility study.
  • Select the architect and specialist design consultants.
  • Prepare a Facilities Programme and Design Brief (concept statement, area programme, operational description, project budget).
  • Conduct Reviews of the project design (schematic, design development, construction documents).
  • Monitor construction and hand-over to the management team to ensure a timely and smooth hotel opening.

A building is a tool. It’s a piece of equipment that allows a hotel operator to deliver, efficiently and effectively, the hotel’s product and services to the guests. HSP teams will make an abstract assessment of the hotel’s performance requirements, and then develop creative and competitive approaches to the hotel operation.

We assist the developer to build hotels that cost less to construct and operate than a conventional building, showing the future of architecture and construction in the realm of green building and sustainable design. Through a technical services agreement, HSP will provide all guidance and other detailed hotel requirements affecting design and budget.

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