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Pre-sale Asset Preparations

Hotel Solutions Partnership can assist an OwnCo to bring a hotel and/or resort asset successfully to market with the expectation of improved value. Through a comprehensive review, we can assist an OwnCo to identify, plan and action a guide that improves a hotel or resort’s value.

We can help you improve your asset’s profitability and reduce or change the loss-making centres. We’ll also help you develop a business plan that shows where you can make key investments, disinvestments and changes in order to increase the asset’s value and potential. This will drive favourable valuations in the future and underpin the financing you’ll need to acquire the asset.

By working on the Pre-sale Asset Preparation, focusing on the future value components from the perspective of the hotel or resort, you can influence them before it hits the market.

The scheme consists of:

  • Assessment of initial value.
  • High level appraisal and strategic approach.
  • Identification of value drivers.
  • Identification of value detractors and elements of price concession.
  • Identification of assets unrelated to the value of the main asset.
  • Individual analysis both of each value driver and of each component.
  • An actionable calendar with estimated costs to improve the value.
  • Evaluation of pre-sale improvements.
  • Analysis and initial list of possible interested parties.
  • Communications strategy.

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