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Management of Acquisition & Development Processes

Hotel Solutions Partnership can advise on the whole area of the acquisition management process. We’ll support you in assembling the right team of legal, tax, surveying/valuation and operational professionals, and we’ll stay with you all the way through the acquisition management process. The team will carry out initial strategic planning beginning with understanding your investment criteria, desired markets and ideal targets. We will then research and vet appropriate investment opportunities and inform you when an asset meets your requirements. Once you’ve made the decision to purchase, the team will support you through due diligence, financing, contract negotiations and closing, as well as post-closing adjustments.

Acquisition Management

By involving the Hotel Solutions Partnership team in the early planning stages of an acquisition management project, we’ll be able to seamlessly guide and support the transaction, providing expertise as-and-when needed. Post-acquisition, we can handle the intricate planning and execution of the operations take-over.

Development Project

If you have a development project, our team will advise you as prospective investor on site constraints, and whether development costs and the development timetable are realistic.

As with the acquisition management process, the involvement of the Hotel Solutions Partnership team early in the development process enables them to provide ongoing support through the pre-opening and operational planning.

In both scenarios, our consultants will recommend the level of investment and financing structure most appropriate for you, highlighting opportunities for making a return on your investment.

The Team

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